Saturday, July 26, 2014

Book Review: The Bridesmaids

I was sent The Bridesmaids by Eimear Lynch from Birchblogger to review. When it arrived on last Wednesday, the cover was so pretty I knew I had to put down the book I was currently reading and read it right then. So I grabbed a frappuccino, snapped some pictures and started reading.


And this book totally lives up to the cuteness of it's cover. But it's more than just cute, it's hilarious. And sometimes a little sad, and more than relatable even if you've never been a bridesmaid.

This book tells the story of several women and a few men as they help their besties through the most important day of their lives. It covers everything from siblings relationships, new friends being made,  to life long friendships destroyed. Since it's a collection it's hard to give a traditional review, but this book definitely holds up. I adored it and I fully recommend it.

In honor of the Bridesmaids that told their stories in this book, I decided to tell you my Bridesmaid story.

I went to high school with Amanda Cannady, but we weren't really friends. It wasn't that we didn't like each other, it was just that we didn't know each other. Years later when Facebook became popular we added each other and barely interacted.

Then in May of 2010 I mentioned that I wanted to see Letter's To Juliet which was coming out in a few days and Amanda commented that she wanted to go too.  So we made plans and had a blast. A few months later we went to see Easy A, she had dinner at my house, I got drunk at hers. We bonded over shows like Gilmore Girls and Easy A. Add that to sharing the same name and being born exactly a week a part, and we were destined to be close.

She got engaged in November of that year and she originally had two bridesmaids, girls that she had been life long friends with. But they both had full time jobs, and were super busy. So I volunteered to help out with her wedding as much as I could and to do her makeup. Since I was doing her makeup, I bought a Navy blue dress so I'd blend in when I was doing touch ups.  There was a lot of discussing the wedding in Starbucks, and a lot of discussing the wedding while drunk on her couch watching movies we both loved from high school, but honestly most of the actual doing was done with her mom, so I didn't think I'd really been that much help.

Then at her Bachlorette party where I disappointingly discovered that I too am a woo girl,  near the end of the night we were at her favorite Drag bar, and absolutely smashed, when she turns to me and says "OMG, you know what you should totally be one of my bridesmaids, because you've helped me with everything and your dress already matches" to which I replied tearily "Of Course" and then we wooed, and everyone else wooed and it was awesome. And hilarious to us the next day when we were trying to remember the night.

The night before the wedding, the entire bridal party stayed the night at her mothers house to prepare for the wedding. I stayed up all night putting together her heart garland that was going to hang above her table for the reception, and the next morning is mostly a blur. Probably due to sleep deprivation and Benadryl to treat my allergies. I know at some point I took apart her bridal bouquet and changed it because she was unhappy with it. And I know that I did her makeup, but only because there is photographic evidence of both things.

Amanda was a beautiful bride, the Ceremony was gorgeous, and the Reception was a blast. The whole experience cemented a friendship built on How I Met Your Mother, Movies, Books and Alcohol, and I couldn't be happier that I got to spend that day supporting her and her husband.

[caption id="attachment_2824" align="alignnone" width="720"]Photosmith Bridesmaid photo credit: Photosmith[/caption]