Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Sweet Tea

I was born in Kentucky, so even though I live in Indiana, I'm still a southern girl at heart. So when summer comes around I ditch the hot teas and coffee for some sweet tea.

But I don't drink just any plain sweet tea. I prefer the fruit flavored teas from Teavana.  This particular tea is Raspberry Pineapple. But right now I've got Yumberry Oolong made. I definitely want to go pickup some of their new flavors of tea and try some of those.

What I like best about Teavana is they sell whole leaf teas. So for this tea I heated my kettle to temperature and while I was waiting I measured my leaves into a mason jar. You want to use more leaves then the ounces in your mason jar because you'll be adding water later. I had a large jar so I doubled the amount of leaves. Then I added in my sugar to melt while the tea was brewing. Once the water was heated I just poured it over the leaves and sugar and let it set for 4 minutes. I put two large ice cubes in the bottom of the pitcher and poured through a tea strainer into another mason jar (it's easier because the strainer fit over that jars mouth.) And then into the pitcher it went. Once all the leaves were strained I poured the hot sweet tea over the ice and added a cold bottle of water and a few more ice cubes.

This is the tea I was obsessed with last year. It's seriously all I drank all summer long.

What's your go to summer drink?