Thursday, September 18, 2014


The beauty of Las Vegas is that there is something for everyone, and The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas has something for everyone. So even though I left my partying behind in my early twenties, there's still plenty of amazing things to be done there. They have everything from a Casino, to shopping, to Lounges, P3 Studio, a couple pools and quite a few options for dining.

For the #MyCosmoStyle challenge I've decided to show you some fictional outfits that I would wear if I were staying at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Were I going to Vegas I know I'd definitely want to visit the P3 Studio, where you have the choice to be a fly on the wall at an artist's studio, or you can get in on the fun yourself. But first I'd definitely need to have some brunch at The Wicked Spoon Buffet, because how awesome is that name? To dress appropriately for both activities I'd go for something like this.

The cranberry colored top from Topshop and skinny jeans from H&M are definitely on trend for autumn, but the lace on the top makes it interesting. I'd pair it with a quilted bag, simple arrow earrings, and ankle boots all from asos and a leaf ring from express . I'd top the whole outfit off with a floppy wool hat, because every since I cut my hair I feel like that style would really suit me. I absolutely love this outfit, it's simple and interesting at the same time. And the real bonus is none of the pieces are constricting in anyway. I could easily see myself running all over Las Vegas in those ankle booties.

However, come night time I'm much more interested in looking good, rather than being completely comfortable. I know I'd definitely be heading out to dinner to somewhere like STK with it's modern, trendy vibe. A restaurant that is already popular in New York, Maimi and LA definitely has to top my to try list. From there I'd be heading straight to Marquee where I would be searching for The Library. Because Books, Billiards, and a Bar?  That's exactly my kind of place.

I'd go for a leather look mini dress from Topshop and keep my hat and earrings from earlier, Mostly because by now I have hat hair. I'd switch the ring out for this simple chunky chain from Topshop and the quilted bag for this thin envelope bag from Asos. The smaller bag is super important, I don't want a clutch that I might put down and loose, but I don't want a bulky cross-body that will keep bumping into people. This bag has all the tininess of a clutch and the convenience of a cross-body. I'd finish the outfit with these cranberry colored Ankle Booties from Topshop that have chunky heels. This is the most important part of this outfit. First they're gorgeous, secondly since they have chunky heels and are a bootie, not only will they be more comfortable, but they also will be much easier to dance and walk in.

I'm so obsessed with both of these outfits. What would you wear for a day or night out in Las Vegas?