Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Warby Paker At Home Try On

Recently, I posted this about the launch of the new Warby Parker Fall Collection, and I mentioned that I would be doing an at home try on with my favorites from the collection. I got mine in the mail last week and managed to snag some pictures on my birthday before I had to send them back. I think I know my favorites, but I would absolutely LOVE to have your opinions about which ones I should purchase. Below I've numbered them 1-5 and you can either comment which ones you like on me, or the name. I'm also including links to each pair.

1. Durand in Saddle Russet

2. Greenleaf in Woodgrain Tortoise

3.Crane Ti in Newsprint Grey

4. Chandler Ti in Striped Pacific

5. Annette in Petal Tortoise

I can't wait to hear what you guys think! And make sure you check out Warby Parker Here, and start your own Warby Parker at home try on Here.