Friday, March 25, 2016

Red to Sombre with Christie Toffan

As you know I recently went from red back to blonde, and it was quite the process. Since I planned on doing a post on the process, I'd do a little mini interview with my stylist as well.

Christie Toffan

I've been seeing Christie for 4 years now, and she's recently started managing her own Salon Suite at Salon Concepts in Florence Kentucky. Since she's been cutting my hair for 4 years, and I knew that going from red to blonde would be a huge process, there was no one else I would trust to do it.

starting color
Especially because I had tried to bleach the blue out of my hair by myself, so not only did she have to deal with the red, she also had to deal with the left over blue and the severe damage I had done to my hair.
applying color remover
Why did you decide to become a stylist? and how long have you been doing it?
- I always wanted to do something in the fashion industry. I also wanted to help people. Cosmetology allowed me to combine both. I've been doing hair for 5 years.

and cooking it

What did you do before you decided to be a stylist?
-Let's see, I went to school for architecture and interior design, tended bar and worked in management. I tried on many hats, as my mother would say, until I find one that fit.

it's green
Who's your style icon?
-I wouldn't say I have a style icon. My goal is to provide my clients with an outward portrayal of their inner selves.

all washed out
Go to, can not live without products?
- Currently, I'm obsessed with Eufora. Their products are aloe based and smell SO good! I use the Aloetherapy shampoo and conditioner, Boost root lifting spray, Formation styling fish and Full Effect texture spray. My favorite hairspray is Sebastian Shaper Plus.

Worst things you've seen your clients do to their hair? And what they should do instead? 
- Not use at least a heat protectant on their hair.
after the color remover
Running late, go to hair style and outfit?
-Black, black and black. I keep my wardrobe simple, always. That gives me a little extra time to round brush my hair, even if I'm running late.

What do you do in your free time?
- I love to garden, spend time with my hubby and my two little dogs, Milo and Mayatoo.
all foiled 
Are there any other hair stylists work you admire?
- There are several! I've been blessed to be surrounded by many talented stylists.
and the rest of the dye
Favorite Movies, Music and Books?
- Ishmael is one of my favorite books, Avengers, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Moulin Rouge are definitely my top contenders for favorite movies. Music is huge.... Pretty much anything other than new country.

What advice to you have for someone who's wants to make a 
big change to their hair?
-Photos. Look at a lot of photos and bring the ones you like to your stylist. They will be able to advise on what your hair is capable of. What color tones enhance your skin, and let you know how much time is required for styling

I can't tell you how happy I am with my hair. It was an awesome experience, having Christie do my hair.
About a month after dying my hair red, I really wanted to be blonde again, so for 7 months from July to February, I was really unhappy with my hair.
The final result

The entire process took two vists and 8 hours total. 5 hours the first visit, and then 3 hours the next visit for a second full foil because my hair decided too pull orangy/yellow after the first set of foils and dye. After all of this honestly I don't know that I'll ever dye my own hair again. This was a very long process. But it was definitely worth every minute and every penny spent.

 I have never been so happy with my hair.

If you're in the Florence, Kentucky area and are looking for someone to do your hair, you should definitely book with Christie